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Community Building Is What We Do

Welcome to Southern Alberta: Canada's agri-food heartland, home to a skilled and talented workforce, and a place where business can thrive.

Brimming with Opportunity in Agri-Food

Over 70% of Canada’s irrigated land is in southern Alberta, making SouthGrow a highly productive and versatile Agricultural Heartland.


We don’t just grow food in Southern Alberta, we also produce immense amounts of value-added food products for export to the world and we are global leaders in industrialised vertical farming.


A Leader in Renewable Energy

Wind, Sun, and Water – Southern Alberta is alive with renewable resources that are quickly being harnessed to power the world. We have the talent, resources, and technology to innovate and expand this emerging industry to meet the needs of the future.


Our highly educated workforce and innovative companies are applying state of the art technology to create new, more efficient, solutions to increase efficiencies and propel industry growth.


An Inviting Place to Call Home


Southern Alberta enjoys all the benefits of Canadian society but without the high cost of living that is found in other regions. Affordable housing, high quality education, proximity to the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and a land of lakes and rivers to explore characterise life in Southern Alberta. 


Whether you’re looking for big city-living or small town charm, the region has it all within easy commuting distance of work or leisure.

Waiting to be Explored

From the glacier fed-lakes of the Rocky Mountains to the unique charms of the old-west experience, Southern Alberta is a land filled with adventures just waiting to be had. Here you can fish, hike, or ski amongst the pristine peaks, or sleep beneath the stars along a meandering prairie river with the Milky Way overhead. 

History is deep here, and you can explore thousands of years of North American culture, or re-live the charms of the Old West at the many sites across the region where history still lives.  


The region of 

South-Central Alberta

SouthGrow is an economic development alliance of thirty south central Alberta communities committed to working together to achieve prosperity for the region.


Representing over 187,000 people, SouthGrow is committed to assisting communities, organizations, businesses and people in the region to further their economic development goals and to maintain a high quality of life.


Whether you are looking to invest in the region, or you’re looking for economic development resources, SouthGrow can help equip you with the information, contacts, and support you need to succeed. 


Year of Establishment


Partner Communities 


Thousand People


Thousand Square Kilometres 

Peter Casurella 

Peter Casurella

Executive Director, SouthGrow Regional Initiative 

Recent Projects

See how we keep busy promoting economic development in the region. 

The SouthGrow region continuously produces companies, organizations, and communities which are successful on a provincial, national, and even global stage.

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