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Fibre Optic Cable

Installed and operation fibre optic cable networking infrastructure.

Point of Presence (POP) Site

On the Internet, a point-of-presence (POP) is an access point from one place to the rest of the Internet. A POP necessarily has a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address. Internet service providers (ISPs) usually have multiple POP sites on the Internet.

Wireless Site

A wireless networking site that uses either licensed or unlicensed spectrum to provide communications services (voice and/or data) where the service is intended to be used in a fixed location.








Data Sources

CRTC - Broadband Internet Service Coverage in Canada in 2014

SouthGrow - Broadband Assets in SouthGrow


This map depicts the availability of broadband Internet access service at or above the CRTC’s target speeds of 5 megabits per second download and 1 megabits per second upload within hexagon areas of 25 square kilometres.


For the purpose of these maps, the entire hexagon is classified as “served” by the given technology if at least one household has access to these target speeds in that hexagon. The actual speeds and coverage may vary depending on the technology. For example, wireless signals may be affected by distance from the tower, terrain and weather; similarly cable and digital subscriber line (DSL) technologies may be affected by distance and other factors. Actual availability may therefore vary within a specific hexagon. “Unserved” and “underserved” areas simply display the population


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