Telecommunications, Transportation and Infrastructure


The City of Lethbridge has complete end-to-end telecommunication service.  Many of the communities in SouthGrow have high-speed internet, as part of the Alberta SuperNet project.  The Alberta SuperNet connects over 4700 hospitals, schools, libraries and government facilities in over 429 provincial communities through a fibre optic high-speed broadband network.


The SouthGrow region is an international cross-road for several modes of transportation:

  • Ground - The SouthGrow region is located on the CANAMEX Trade Corridor.  This Corridor spans 6,000 km from Alaska to Mexico.  Alberta’s only 24-hour border crossing at Coutts links Alberta’s export highway (Highway 4) with the interstate road system in the United States.  Highway 3, as part of Canada’s National Highway System is the east-west route for both trade and travel.  Highway 5 connects communities in the region to Waterton National Park to the southwest.
  • Rail - The area is served by Canadian Pacific Railway, which has siding locations throughout the SouthGrow region.  Through its spurline system, Canadian Pacific Railway also provides access to many independent locations throughout the region.  The region has rail access in both the East West as well as North South directions.
  • Air - The region is greatly benefited by the presence of the Lethbridge County Airport, acting as a key point for people, goods and services.  The airport is served by Air Canada and IntegraAir.  Charter flights are also available.  Itinerant aircraft customs clearance is available from Canada Customs via CANPASS.   The airport can accommodate full jet traffic as the runways are maintained as emergency alternate for Calgary International Airport. For a map detailing all other NAS and regional airports, click here.

Commercial Ports

SouthGrow's main port of entry into the United States is the Coutts, Alberta / SweetGrass, Montana port.  In terms of moving goods to the Pacific Rim countries, the Port of Vancouver is closest for the SouthGrow region.  The Government of Alberta has information that can assist businesses with moving goods domestically and internationally.


The electric and natural gas industries have been de-regulated in Alberta resulting in the ability to purchase electricity and natural gas from competitive retailers.  Both electricity and natural gas energy charges are available for comparison through the Office of the Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA), which works to ensure Alberta consumers have the information, representation and protection they need in Alberta's restructured electricity and natural gas markets. 

Waste Management

The region has five waste management authorities or commissions that manage landfill locations for various communities in the area.  The region also has a mobile household hazardous waste round up contractor and recycling drop off locations are located throughout the region.


The Milk River Basin, the South Saskatchewan River Sub Basin and the Oldman River Sub Basin provide the water for the SouthGrow Region.  All urban communities in the SouthGrow region have fully treated water and waste water systems.  Rural communities access their water supply from a series of local wells and water cooperatives. 

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